Meet Ann McGinnis

Ann1200pixSqAnn McGinnis is a successful entrepreneur who has been empowering people to trust themselves and manifest their potential for more than 30 years. Her coaching system draws from a diversity of experience in the business, arts, and non-profit fields.

For fifteen years, Ann owned and operated Motion Unlimited, a movement and bodywork company whose services included working with groups, individuals, and guest teaching at Bay Area institutions such as California Institute of Integral Studies and New College.

In 2003, she sustained a disabling injury to her hands that required her to recreate her life and career. Following a long-time interest in helping grassroots projects become financially sustainable, Ann joined the non-profit sector as a fundraiser and then a program director. She then went on to develop an elder care business, helping families and their elders manage finances, medical issues, environmental safety, and staffing of direct care.

The four-year journey that began with disability and very little income culminated in a six digit earning capacity. It was a journey filled with lessons of finance, sales, networking, management, leadership, spiritual engagement, and trust in the creative process. The success inspired her to help others create similar accomplishments in their lives. And that led to the creation of Wild Heart Enterprises.

Ann was trained at Breakthrough Coaching Inc., Productive Learning (Advanced Train the Trainer; presentations and sales), and studied Contextual Leadership with master coach Rayona Sharpnack at the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

She has a BA in theater, and before creating Motion Unlimited, worked as an actor, stage manager, and writer. Early on, Ann funded her path by working as a cook, a secretary and a freelance word processor on Wall Street.

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