Soul Food For Success

by Ann McGinnis on September 4, 2012

I’m talking about “sustainable” success. A project completed, done well, and you’re feeling great — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Try this Recipe for Success
Healthy portions of all of the below.

Desire — The embodied, in your heart and in your belly longing; it’s visceral as well as intellectual.

It’s more than just an idea. It’s got meaning and emotional content. It’s connected to your life, your present day, your history and your future.

Clarity — Shaping that big picture goal into the path that will manifest that desire.

Focus — The discipline of keeping your attention on what you love and want.

Self-Care — Taking time to let go of the focus on the project and put the focus on yourself. Taking a break, and making You — your body, mind and spirit — the priority.

The soul food ingredient of this recipe is Self-Care.

Why Self-Care?

Because self-care is about nourishment and rejuvenation.

Conscious attention to self-care is more than just maintenance. When you engage in self-care, the message you are sending to your system is “Yes, I care”; “Yes, I deserve to be cared for”; “Yes, I know I am larger and more complex than any of my projects.” These kinds of messages create ease, space and relaxation. They also create a cellular receptivity to energies that will restore.

Self-care is also a necessary component of the creative process.

When you are focused on a goal or project, from an energetic and mind/body point of view, you have shaped yourself in a very specific way. When you’re working hard on a project, the context that you are living out of is “the project”. It’s a kind of a box, and it runs in a linear fashion. There’s lots of A to B to C

Letting go of that box and returning your attention to yourself gives you an opportunity to pay attention to the parts of yourself that are larger and more complex than the project. The respite gives you access to more information than you have when you are just running the project. Self-care allows you to tap into creative, non-linear thought.

Expanding yourself out of the project mode and engaging yourself in diverse ways is amazingly beneficial. Renewing your relationship to yourself (dancing, sports, meditation, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture), to nature (walks, hikes, bike rides) and to your family and community feeds your soul as well as your body.

Even within the context of the project, self-help can also be asking for help with those projects that are not getting done in the way you’d like.

Are you someone who has spent bunches of time not doing what you said you wanted to do?

Is there a project that has been on the back burner and you’d like to bring it forward?

Are you someone who is frustrated and anxious about your overwhelming “to do” list?

Then think of giving yourself 5 weeks of group process, personal coaching, structure, clarity and oversight to JumpStart! your vision.

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