Handling Worry

by Ann McGinnis on September 2, 2012

We all worry, right?
It doesn’t really get us anywhere, and no one thinks it has any real value. Instead of helping us out, it funnels good energy into the exact thing we don’t want.

So what can you do when that dark cloud of worry descends on you?

No. 1 Slow Down

Notice how you’re feeling in your body. Notice your  breath, your shoulders, your head, your stomach.
Acknowledge the truth of how worrying makes you feel.

No. 2 Get Real

Take time-out to reassess and reorient: get really clear about what the source of the worry is. What’s scary about the situation. What is the problem you think you can’t solve.
Ask yourself: Has worrying ever solved a problem.

Now, and this is important, let it be OK that you don’t know how to solve the problem right now.

Remember, everything that human beings ever created began right here in the middle of “I Don’t Know”.  So logically, there must be something profoundly OK about not knowing.

No. 3 Reach Out and Get Help

Now ask yourself and your god, the universe, spirit guides, or whatever name you’ve given the creative intelligence of the world: “How can I shift this in a positive direction? What do I need?” Wonder instead of worry.
Can you feel the difference between the mind-state of “worry” and the mind-state of a “how can I”? The latter keeps your mind and imagination open for the input that could be right in front of your nose.

Share your process with friends and family whom you trust. Get input, get feed-back.

The answer may not come in that moment, but clues, direction markers, and maps will begin arriving.

Stay with the question. Stay with what you truly want.

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