Soul Food For Success

by Ann McGinnis on September 4, 2012

I’m talking about “sustainable” success. A project completed, done well, and you’re feeling great — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Try this Recipe for Success
Healthy portions of all of the below.

Desire — The embodied, in your heart and in your belly longing; it’s visceral as well as intellectual.
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Handling Worry

We all worry, right? It doesn’t really get us anywhere, and no one thinks it has any real value. Instead of helping us out, it funnels good energy into the exact thing we don’t want. So what can you do when that dark cloud of worry descends on you? No. 1 Slow Down Notice how [...]

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Turning “To Do” Lists into a Spiritual Practice

Looking for the magic bullet to change your “to do” list from drudgery into something exciting? That magic bullet exists. And it’s closer than you think. When life becomes flat and passionless, it’s because we have become flat and passionless. When that happens, it’s generally because we have gradually shifted our focus from what we love and [...]

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