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“Ann McGinnis is an incredibly gifted coach. If you’re looking for someone payday loans in yakima washington who has the skills and capacity to guide you to make deep and meaningful change in your life and/or career, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s brings tremendous awareness, intuition, clarity, and sensitivity to the coaching relationship. And importantly, Ann’s guidance is firmly anchored in a practical mindset; each session ends with clear takeaways and applicable insights.

Regardless of where I find myself mentally, emotionally, or energetically at any given point in time, Ann is always able to skillfully meet me right where I am, giving me exactly what I need to move through fears, resistances, or doubts.  She’s also unafraid to hold me accountable to commitments that are necessary for my growth throughout the process of discovery.

Finally, Ann has a fantastic sense of humor, an infectious enthusiasm, and is the consummate cheerleader, always quick to champion and celebrate moments of breakthrough.”- Donal Murphy, Senior Marketing Professional

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“When I think about Ann’s coaching, I’m reminded of a quote from Saul Bellow: ‘All the striving is for one end…to know what we are and what we are for, to know our purpose, to seek grace.’ Ann understands this quest.

She guided me with business specifics and illuminated and challenged my assumptions about money and work. The practical outcome is that my income has doubled and stabilized. More essentially, I feel aligned with my purpose and the contribution that I can make to this mohela cash loan forbearance world. Ann’s support as a coach has been invaluable.”
- Linda Chrisman, www.SomaticWisdom.com

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“Ann is a genius of a coach — phenomenally intuitive, deftly able to move complex internal blocks with a few deceptively simple words and processes. She’s also warm and funny. I was a fly buzzing against the glass; she quickly helped me find the open window and out into the world!”
- Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., www.TheWriterAsShaman.com

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“I came to Ann to get help around business, finances, goal setting and launching a new company.   Her natural ability to inquire is the key to what works so well with her.  Through her style of hard questions, clear insight, deep inquiry, truth chasing and very practical tools, we made weekly progress in a clear, useful and effective manner.  There isn’t much room to wiggle out of things.   I find her sense of humor and her fight for me touching and real; and I feel completely supported in my goals and deep desire to be of service.” - Dianne Adel,  Founder of Equine Natural Feel and Living Body Resources and for Humans and for Horses.  www.EquineNaturalFeel.com

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I met Ann when I was at a crossroads with many possible directions and wanted to get my working life more in alignment with my spiritual path. Because Ann walks firmly in both worlds, she was lying on a payday loan application a perfect ally and guide for me through this passage. She offered an array of practical tools to assist my reentry into the teaching field after an 18-year interlude.

But what makes her work so powerful is what I call her ‘intuitive jujitsu,’ which helped me to identify and burn through psychological barriers that had been keeping me from stepping into a larger vision of myself in the world. As a result of working with Ann, I quickly met my income goals and ‘course corrections’ have become easier. I am still using what she taught me in her warm, supportive, and humorous way to tap into what is most essential and let the other stuff go. - eficarra, Writer, Editor, Teacher, Poet.

* * * * * 

“The astounding thing about Ann is her clarity and speed.

I knew for years it would make me both healthier and happier to leave my corporate job, engage my creativity, and bring more of who I really am to my work.

Within a few sessions, I recognized so many of the beliefs I held that created my ambivalence about making a change. Ann deftly helped me to examine the fears underlying these beliefs and address them. I have worked with a variety of job counselors, life-goals teachers and taken classes with spiritual leaders. However, I have never encountered anyone with Ann’s ability to grab a hold of unconscious emotional blocks, negative experiences and energy unsecured personal loans for bad credit massachusetts and gently work them through with such expediency. Her gift is truly extraordinary.

She walked with me through the portal of time, between the past and future, until I was comfortable and confident enough with the present to take action. Then she provided sound, practical advice and very positive support for moving forward.”
- Ellen Lerner, Communications Specialist, Writer and Visual Artist (Big Love)

* * * * *

The coaching I’ve received from Ann … has been responsible for a quantum leap in my work as creator of  Write On!Workshops.  She helped me fully embrace our mission and be able to talk to people about the vaue of our work.  When we started,  Write On! represented just a handful of people.  Now we are doing groups in five locations in Marin County and San Francisco.  - Robert Harry Rovin, Founder and CEO WriteOn Workshops

* * * * *

I had excellent letters of recommendations and wonderful feedback from my clients yet I could not believe what they saw in me. I was lacking trust and confidence. Ann skillfully helped me to connect with my inner strength and trust. Thanks to our work together,  I now own now that I am of wonderful service to the families I am serving; and my work is blossoming.- Regula Keller, LVN, Postpartum Doula: Newborn & Twin Specialistwww.RegulaKeller.com.

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