Busting the Resistance Game

An in-person, 3 hour workshop, where you have the opportunity to:

    • Analyze the anatomy of resistance.
    • Understand how resistance affects you.
    • Learn to navigate denial around resistance.
    • Learn to unbundle what’s actually going on with your specific resistance.
    • Identify the context (ambivalence or self-limiting belief) that creates the resistance.
    • Engage in a process to neutralize or transform the ambivalence.
  • Create a strategy for achieving your goal with new context.
  • Post class follow up and tune up after one week.


Next workshop starting in Fall 2016.  If you are interested please contact me.

Cost: $120

For more information or to enroll, please contact:
or call 510-619-6346


“This workshop is healing as well as informational. My resistance was to cutting down on carbs and sugar. Even though I knew it would be good for me in all kinds of ways, I couldn’t really get started. The workshop helped me to think about the issues in a new way, feel less frightened when I’m tempted by carbs and sugar and begin to seriously cut down.”
- Pam Condie, Professional Organizer,

“What got done in one class was impressive. The process allowed me to understand the source of my resistance; identify the hidden and mistaken beliefs that kept me from being enthusiastic about my goal; and it enhanced my feeling of accountability to myself to do what I wanted to do. This is a great class for anyone who is bogged down with resistance issues, and I would even take it again.”
- Marlene McCall, Owner, Creative Office Services.

“I was able to make real progress in breaking through a specific resistance that was holding me back both professionally and personally. The group process also enabled me to become conscious of where I was experiencing resistance in other areas of my life as well. I took away tools that are assisting me on an ongoing basis in working through resistance in all areas.
- Cecilia Gunning, Cecilia Gunning Interior Design.